Friday, April 27, 2007

The Wait...

...well,'s two and a half hours before class time. What the hell else do I have left to do? I'm as ready and as read-up as I'll ever be. Earlier today, I took an excursion to Korsiki where I discovered yet another skill I need to train: Infomorph Psychology. Thought I'd just drop by and make myself a jump long as I've been playing this game now, I should have known it would never be that easy.

So, I've got two Tristans and a Maulus plus plenty of spare mods ready to go so this should be a lot of fun. I've also tried to test Ventrilo but no one ever seems to be in the AU server lobby when I go there to try it. Oh well...hopefully when I try it again later someone will be.

I'm now going to stop overanalyzing this whole least for a while. I'm sure I'll have something to say after I've done the actual class...interestingly, today I discovered that those who pay and take an AU class are welcome to come back and do it again, free of charge. That's cool. One thing I have to admit I've been wondering about since I signed up for this thing is if my class will get into any actual combat. I've read some of the AU forum commentary and it doesn't seem that the last class found much. It's good to know that if I need it explained to me one more time (definitely not an impossibility, especially in this game) that I'll have the opportunity.

Dental hell wasn't so bad. The stitches are gone, as are the pain pills...ah well, ya can't have everything. Just as well...this is a class I want to be as sober as a judge for.

Oh yeah...I'm not gonna miss a thing.

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