Saturday, April 21, 2007

Drugs In Space, Part 2

So, yeah I did it... grabbed the dessie, and flew back to the Gallente system where my best Level 2 agent is. By the time I got there though, I was just too tired to do a mission, so I packed it in for the night. Today, it's Saturday and I have some actual RL commitments to deal with, so I probably won't get a chance to jump into EVE until this evening for more than a few minutes. I do want to check on my skill training and I can't use EveMon right now because the online character info has been disabled. I think the skill I'm currently training will finish sometime today, but I forget exactly when...

It seems I've passed through the very worst of dental hell, though it's by no means over. One Percoset seems to now be doing as effective a job at controlling the pain as both a Perc and a Valium did last night, at least for now. I'm still swollen and sore, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was last night, thank Goddess. As far as EVE goes, hopefully this means I'll be able to do some of those final prep things I wanted to do last night but didn't have the mental wherewithal to pull off when I log in later.

One thing that kind of sucks but I don't really have a choice about is that I'll be returning to my dentist for a final check and to get my stitches removed next Friday...eight hours before class time. I'll deal, I suppose, but the last thing I want to be is fucked up on drugs for class. Heh, if my teenage self could ever read those words, she'd have laughed herself silly. Amazing the difference just thirty years or so can have in one's outlook on life. Of course, thirty years ago, computers were only to be found in Star Trek, laboratories, and military installations, not in one's home, and me, I was someone else, in more ways than just my maturity level.

Ok, time to check my skill training and then go deal with RL for a while...

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