Tuesday, April 24, 2007


...well, just about, anyway.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day in-game. Normally, I almost never spend an entire day on any single task or project...my ADD simply won't allow it. Every so often, however, I'm able to focus in on something with laser-like precision and just work on it until it's done or at least as done as I can possibly make it at that particular time. For me, yesterday was one of those days.

I finished fitting my Tristans for class so now I have two of those, as well as an EWAR-fit Maulus ready to go for Friday. There are some client tweaks I haven't done yet, but aside from that and one slot each on my Tristans that will probably need to be fit situationally, I'm ready for class. Yay!

Oh and yeah, I also flew back to Gallente space, bought another Brutix, and tricked it out for mission-running. I haven't actually flown any missions in it yet, but I have a feeling it's going to be more potent than the one I had blown up on me a few days ago.

Today, of course, is also patch day. I've already patched my client, but as yet I've only just gone in-game to change my skill training so I can't really say I've noticed anything different just yet.

One thing I can say is pretty annoying though is the fact that it doesn't seem that EVEMon is updating anywhere near as frequently as it used to. I've been training a new skill for the better part of an hour now but it still thinks I'm training the old skill...for that matter, so does the character sheet on the E-O website, which I know EVEMon works off of. Ok, I don't know who thought of this "improvement", but it officially sucks, I hate it, I bet most of the players who know enough to care hate it, it needs to go.

What good is character data that isn't regularly updated? It does me no good to know when a skill I'm no longer training would have finished or how much ISK I had yesterday...this needs to be fixed, right now, because if it isn't, the value of using EVEMon to keep track of when to change a character's skill training just went way, way, down. Unbelieveable...I've just tried it again, ten minutes later, and my ISK total is now accurate but my skill is still indicating what I was training overnight. It used to be that the skill updated fairly quickly, but the ISK took more time. Now, it seems the reverse is true. Sigh...um, any chance of getting both to update within a reasonable time so this info can actually prove useful in scheduling training changes?

So, looks like I'm rapidly running out of excuses not to go run some missions...hmmm...

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