Friday, April 27, 2007

Interesting... seems this extreme lag may be local to Gallente space, at least in part. The further I got into Caldari space the easier the trip, and the time spent waiting for the jumps in between became. So, now I've made it back to the staging area for the class, I believe I have everything ready, and so, if the fates are kind, I'll be able to attend this class and get what I need and want from it without technical issues getting in the way.

Y' know, I wonder...this sort of thing sounds just like what I hear people complaining about when there's a major battle taking place nearby...did something really big happen close to or in Gallente space? Inquiring minds...

For a while there I suspected it might have been my Internet connection, but if it was then getting out of Gallente space should have made no difference at all. No, I'm pretty sure this was a CCP thing...and the fact that it started happening right after the last patch is not a coincidence. It's also entirely possible that this is not a locally-centered thing but just the natural settling in of a new patch and that everything will be fine now. I certainly hope so. I just want this class to go well so I can use what I learn to go kick some ass.

There's also one other possibility. There was a notice on the E-O news page that their Internet provider was going to be be replacing a switch that was causing downgraded service to some of their customers. They are apparently doing right now, as I type this, according to the notice. I'll go fire up EVE at 2 am and see if perhaps that was the answer all along. Whatever, as long as it freaking works...

So tomorrow, I go get my stitches taken out and I go take my PvP class...should be a pretty interesting day all around.

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