Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Thorax Lives...

Yep, I decided to go the Thorax route. Since I had more than enough ISK to completely trick it out and a lot more skills to allow for a better fitting, this will be interesting. The setup is kind of reminiscent of how I had the Myrmidon set up, minus a couple of guns and booster mods.

What the'll be fun...really.

I figure some level two missions for a while with the Thorax and I'll have enough to get another Myrmidon. I have to admit I'm still pissed off, though. Hopefully, by the time I've got a Myrmidon again, this stupid war will be over. This war is so stupid, it's stupid to even call it a war. No. this is just an excuse for one side to attack the other, most of whom (like me) have little or no interest in engaging an inevitably superior force...they always seem to be in groups and attack when I'm weakest. The first time, I just happened to be docking and avoided podding that way, the second time, I couldn't get away in time. I never fired a shot.

It's not that I never want to do PvP or anything like that, but I'd like to at least be able to try it with a ship that's not already 3/4 dead. I've yet to see the Privateers attack when my ship hasn't been compromised, so of course it's kind of hard to do anything but run away or die in that situation. Truth is, I just don't know, but given what I have seen, I'd have to say the best idea in all cases right now, is run like hell...

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