Monday, April 9, 2007

The Strangest Thing...

...wouldn't ya know?

I've been flying the Brutix for a few missions now, and the interesting thing is that, so far at least, I seem to making more ISK and having an easier time in of it in general than I did flying the Myrmidon. I should point out that I haven't yet really been in a situation where the Brutix has been getting truly pounded, but it seems to be just taking ships out faster in general. Interestingly, I can't use the Ogre heavy attack drones with the Brutix like I could with the Myrmidon. It just doesn't have enough space in the drone bay for a full set. So, I use Hammerheads and they seem to actually be doing as much if not more damage than the Ogres do.

I've also installed a Medium Nos, which hasn't gotten a whole hell of a lot of use just yet, but I think will come in handy as time goes on.

Y'know, I think when I go in-game, I'm going to compare the Myrmidon and the Brutix head-to-head by the numbers because thus far, with the exception of the smaller drone bay, which hasn't yet proven to be a real disadvantage, I've yet to find even one aspect in which the Myrmidon is really superior to the Brutix. In fact, I'm wondering if, as happens so often in the real world, if those spending the extra on the Myrmidon are really spending more on its newness and cool looks than on any actual strategic advantage.

The weirdest thing right now is that since I've gone into The Dropouts for the duration of the war, corp chat is non-existent. The few other people in the corp, like me, are focused on our tasks in-game and don't chat much, if at all. Of course, once the war is over I'll immediately rejoin the main E-Uni corp.

And yeah, I know there are many who think the Brutix is a pretty ugly ship, but personally I think it's kinda cool looking. As long as it gets the job done, I really don't give a shit.

And oh yes, one other thing: Now that I'm flying a battlecruiser again, it's time to change the name of this blog, yet again, to correspond with current, I have.

Fly Safe.

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Lucas said...

thorax -> brutix -> megathron.

vexor -> myrmidon -> dominix.

the first line is typically gankage, that is guns blazing with less of a tank. the second line is typically tanking, with drones doing the damage while you NOS away with a huge tank. depending on where your skills are, you'll be more proficient in a particular line.

also, larger drones can struggle to hit smaller targets, hence the superior performance of your hammerheads. when you hit level 4s, you'll likely only ever use a mixture of heavies and lights.