Sunday, April 8, 2007

Road Trip!!

Apparently, the only way to join "the dropouts" is to physically fly to Korsiki and join them there. This is a 25-jump trip, and the only ship I've got left that's more potent than a Velator is my Maulus. This luxury frigate is fitted with only the finest in low-end crap armament and therefore makes it the perfect candidate to make this trip. If the Griefateers do show up, who gives a shit? The thing is probably worth more to me in terms of the insurance payoff than it is as an actual ship at this point anyway. The only thing I'd lose, aside from a couple hundred grand ISK for a new clone, is time.

Since I have zero training in Caldari ships as yet, I think it's probably pretty pointless to consider moving to the E-Uni HQ system in The Forge permanently as yet, but I also expect to be spending a little time there while I'm in the it sightseeing, factfinding, investigation, vacation, it's all of these things and more. I've never really seriously considered permanently moving my base of operations before, but I suppose it makes sense to at least give some thought to. The first thing I need is more information.

Funny, I've plotted the course on the star map and it's all green. There appear to have been very few attacks between here and there, or at least, that was the case as of last night when I checked...and yet, I may run into the Griefateers anyway, I suppose. I guess I'll just run like hell, but the truth is that I really don't give a shit if this ship gets blown up or not, and a podding will simply mean an instantaneous return to Gallente space.

This is now begins the "nothing left to lose" portion of our journey...


Anonymous said...

there ARE gallente agents up there. i worked for a quafe factory in vasala (not too far from korsiki AND very secluded) but since you prob have much more faction than me, you can prob find a gallente agent even easier. good luck and send me a convo if you need help.

-Davin Intaki

Bekka Jae said...

That's good to know, Davin...thanks! :)