Sunday, April 22, 2007

One Down...Almost

Last night's project was getting the Maulus fully-fitted and ready for class. After playing around a bit, I managed to get it all done except for one thing, which involved a surprise I'm glad I discovered now. I'd already purchased the entire list of recommended mods, done all the necessary preliminary prep, and then checked the AU info to see how it should be fit. I discovered that there actually was one mod that wasn't mentioned on the list but was recommended on the suggested fitting specifically for the Maulus. I quickly ran out and picked one up, only to discover that I hadn't trained the needed skill to fit it. Uh-oh.

I was actually quite nervous, what with just a week before class, but luckily my obsessive preoccupation with making sure I've got everything ready to go for the class has served me well. One thing I immediately made certain to do once I'd signed up for the class was finish training up my advanced learning skills to Level 4. I'd started training these on the advice from fellow players a couple of weeks ago, and because I've got them at that point already, I was able to just run out, buy the skillbook, and train it up to Level 1 just before going to bed last night. This skill needs to be at Level 4 before I can fit this mod, but since I've got my learning skills as high as I do, this shouldn't be a problem to get done before class time. I'm just really hoping that I don't discover something similar when I go to fit my Tristans because I doubt I'd have the time to do it twice.

I jumped in-game earlier to switch skill training to something that will take a bit longer than the couple of hours getting to Level 2 on this skill will take while I'm out sense in wasting training time, and I've got enough leeway here that I can just switch back when I get home. When I did, I got some EVE-mails that asked all Ivy League members to assemble at Korsiki at 18:00 for a show of force. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it this time...disappointing, I'd have liked to have been there but to be honest in the condition I'm in with all the pain meds I'm taking I'm not sure I'd have exactly been an asset to the cause anyway.
Tonight I'm's going be just a quick skill change then beddie surgery sucks.


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