Friday, April 6, 2007

Catchin' Up...

Today was just one of those days, that is, a Thursday. Pretty much the entire day was centered around preparing for two hours of live radio in the evening, except for first thing after my morning breakfast and email ritual.

I jumped into the game late morning, and did a few errands and one mission run. RL then called me away for the next 12 hours or so...basically until now, and instead of playing, I'm here writing instead...and that's ok. I'm a writer, and I love writing, but the point is that I doubt I'll get back into the game again before everything resets again during the daily downtime. I'm doing the Portal to War, Part 2 mission right now, and I've gotten close but haven't beaten it yet. Part of the problem is that I simply haven't really had the time to go through the whole thing in one shot. I've had to beat a room or part of a room in a complex (it does seem sort of bizarre to refer to a sector of space as a "room", doesn't it?), and then come back later, after dealing with RL issues. I'm hoping tomorrow will be that day I can just plow through the whole thing.

Interesting how I seem to be getting new and different missions, but yet when I go to research these missions I discover that they've apparently been around for quite some time...the difference is that I seem to be getting a different set of missions that the ones I'd been getting before this latest patch. Well, whatever, all I know is that I'm getting missions that are tough, but not impossible.



Shady said...

Hey Bekka. Dunno if you know about, but it's a pretty useful site for heads up on missions.

As for completing missions before DT, I hear you. Some of the bigger missions require 2-3 if you're lucky, plus more for salvage/ looting. The sooner CCP bring in loot/ salvage drones, the better!

Anonymous said...

bekka you still in EUni? We are atwarat the moment, dont know if you were aware. If you are, and your in Gallente space, your pretty much on your own. Be careful!!!

-Davin INtaki