Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's A Conspiracy, I Tell Ya...

...I mean, it just seemed liked the fates conspired that I wasn't going to have an easy time with EVE today...or perhaps I wasn't the only one? All I know is that the lag was as bad if not worse than I've ever seen it in this game. Now, of course, it's patch day, so some of this is to be expected, but this is just really, really bad.

Bad enough I just lost a BC, but I can't even finish fitting the Thorax I bought to replace it without having connection problems and slowness issues. Grrrr...

There is the mention of lag issues on the E-O website, but also that the problem was supposedly solved temporarily...maybe not so much. Ah well, hopefully by tomorrow things will return to at least semi-normal. Right now, the game is just too slow and laggy to be playable.


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