Friday, May 18, 2007


Look, I'm trying, ok? Really, I am. I just didn't think war was supposed to be this boring. Logged in a bit earlier and couldn't even find out if there was an op planned. I'm now considering just saying the heck with it and joining TDROPS for the duration of the war, or, alternatively, just jumping back to Gallente space for some mission running. Anything that lets me get back to actually playing EVE.

Yeah, I suppose I'll log in again in a little while and see if anything's going on. If there is, great, if not...well, I've got stuff to do, anyway. I've been asked to write a couple of is finished, the other I've had to throw away my original idea for and I've yet to settle on an alternative I'm happy with. Perhaps this "war" lull will allow me the time to sit back and focus on what I want to write about and then write it up. I can't argue that it's certainly allowed me the time to write this post. Of course, "allow" probably isn't the right term. There's no requirement that I play EVE as much as I do, only my own interest and desire...and of course, when my interest level wanes due to lack of anything diverting to do in-game, I immediately start seeking substitutes.

In EVE, of course, war is a temporary condition at best. I'd expect that when this week's wardec expires so will MENTL's interest in continuing to fight us. I'm looking forward to that day, anxiously.

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