Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Continuing To Be Bad...

...yeah, I really am.

Late last night, after checking Local repeatedly and finding it clear, I jumped in a shuttle and lit out for Gallente space. I took the faster route, which includes a few low-sec systems, and at one point found myself in the middle of a pitched battle between a couple of pilots who both had bad standing toward me (and toward each other, I suppose). Lucky me, they were so busy with each other that neither seemed to care about me and my little unarmed, empty shuttle.

Arriving at my current staging station in Gallente space, I did a couple of missions and then went to bed. This morning, I realized that since I actually flew the distance last night to Gallente space I have to fly back in order to restore my jump clone...or, I suppose I could fly to either Khanid Kingdom or a Federation Navy station to set another one, but at this point that seems kind of counterproductive since sooner or later I'd have to fly into Korsiki.

It's my own fault, of course. By now, I'd be able to clone jump back to Gallente space, but because I couldn't wait last night, I find myself in the interesting situation of having my medical clone in Korsiki and my jump clone in Gallente space. This is all because I had to get back to Gallente space I was willing to risk flying it, and now, because of that, the only way to fix it is by flying to Korsiki and then jumping back.

To be honest, I'm not yet sure what I'm going to do.


Lucas said...

does the clone you're currently in have implants? if not, you could always take the pod express! that is, set your medical clone spawn station to korsiki, then pod yourself. don't forget to update your clone when you arrive though!!

Aleyna said...

ya should be careful that none of the mentals read this blog as you pretty much tell them where you are and all it'd take would be a covops (non-mental) and a few mentals to hunt you down. Best of luck with the war and if you need anything feel free to catch me online.

Bekka Jae said...


You're abolsutely right right whichy is why, you'll notice, that the closest I ever get to ID'ing exactly where I am is the empire..I'll say "Gallente space" for example...by the time they'd track me down the war would be over. Considering that I'm just one lone ship, versus all those that can be found closer to HQ, I'm confident enough that I'm not going to be a prime target.

Lucas, I'm seriously considering your idea...we'll see...my med clone is already there.

Aleyna said...

hehe bekka, there is a very easy way to track you down. perhaps i'll show you one day >=)


Kevin said...

Locator agents are such fun :)
Be careful out there Bekka :)