Friday, May 11, 2007

Pew-Pew Deja Vu?

So, I did, I bought myself another Myrmidon. It's not in space just yet. I got it at an excellent price, about 10 million ISK cheaper than the last one I bought. I saw it for about 34.5 million and jumped on it. I don't yet have enough to finish fitting and insuring it completely as yet, but I'm working on it.

It's interesting how I seem to have become a true expert when it comes to doing Level 2 missions in my Thorax. Even the formerly unbeatable "Blockade" mission is now merely time-consuming, but also highly lucrative. I zip through these quickly now, and I plan to continue doing so for a while, at least until I get the Myrmidon in space.

I've also made my decision as far as moving. I'm going to do it, soon, but probably not immediately or completely right away. Since I'm well above the standing I need to set a jump clone with the Federation Navy, I'll probably move my main clone to Caldari space, set a second jump clone in Gallente space (my first is in Khanid Kingdom...nice to have, but currently useless), and have the best of both worlds...or both regions, anyway: I'll be able to take advantage of being local to EVE-Uni HQ and I'll be able to jump back to Gallente space to earn myself some ISK when I need to. Of course, all this will take place after tomorrow's class. I'll be flying myself out to the staging system for that either later tonight or early tomorrow. I've got actual RL plans tonight (yes, I do have something approaching an offline life...sometimes), so it'll all depend on how late I'm out and in what condition I find myself once I get home. It is, after all, Friday night.

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