Sunday, May 20, 2007

Still Being Bad...

...I suppose, anyway. I haven't been in-game yet today. Too many other things need doing before that happens today. In any case, though, I'm still in Gallente space, but I'm also ready to jump right back to Korsiki at a moment's notice if I'm needed.

This is my way of keeping the game fun for myself while at the same time making sure that I'm still in a position to fulfill what I see as my obligation to be there to help when help is needed. Still, a combination of RL responsibilities has conspired to keep me out of EVE thus far today...but not for all that much longer.

No, things are changing, I think...perhaps just for some of the noober of the E-Uni noobs, or perhaps for a wider group of players than that. This is where I suspect a lot of pilots are finally beginning to understand the true level of difference between EVE and everything else out there. This is war, and war isn't always fact, it's usually pretty fucked up. "Ah,", but you say, "this isn't real war, it's EVE war and EVE war is supposed to be fun.". Absolutely true. Another absolute truth is that part of what makes this game engaging and immerssive for those of us who play it is it's depth. Any game this deep is going to have fast, exciting parts and slow, not so thrilling parts, just like RL does.

Again, it's easy for me to say all this while I'm not even actually in Korsiki at the moment but in Gallente space running missions, but I'd never be doing it with a well-placed jump clone and an acceptance of the risks involved. Since I did lose 3 ships to the Privateers, I know exactly what the risks are at this point and therefore was able to make an informed decision to clone jump out of lockdown.

I will admit to feeling just a little bit guilty about doing it...but not really all that much. I knew I could be back within minutes were I needed. I still can be. I will be.

Sigh...this war is just an annoyance. Feh.

Ok enough typing...for now.

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Lucas said...

i've found pvp in EVE to be 95% waiting and 5% exciting. the key is making the waiting fun - usually we chat in gang channel whilst keeping voice comms clear for the FC and scouts. still, if you think empire wars are boring, just wait til you experience 0.0 POS warfare! it'll drive you round the bend, i assure you.

incidentally, looks like EUNI are getting kicked around quite nastily at the moment by MENTL - i can't remember the last time a simple grief'ing wardec went so badly :(