Friday, May 18, 2007


Basically there are just a few choices available: Members of E-Uni are currently under orders not to undock. One way to avoid this is to join TDROPS, the other is to go play on the test server. Not a great variety of alternatives.

It's understandable. One look at the killboard and you know why...these MENTL guys are having us for lunch. They've taken out sixteen of our ships and we've taken out exactly one of theirs. It's not surprising our commanders have ordered a seems that just about any encounter with these guys is going to ends up with a significant number of E-Uni ships blown up, so our commanders are simply waiting this out. Probably the most sensible strategy at this point, even if not the most fun to deal with.

I just wish there was something to do, because TDROPS is looking better and better right now, but in all honesty, I really don't wanna do that again this that I've had at least some PvP training, it would feel like bailing out. Add to that the fact that I don't have the moral high horse to get on I did last time, and I'm really having a hard time rationalizing a move to TDROPS.

If only it wasn't so damn boring.

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Robert said...

And the kicker is this: we are told to go to TDROPS if we don't want to participate, yet we are forced into lockdown. Ironic huh? Either way, nothing is being done. We just sit on our haunches. No efforts at mobilizing a force.

I said in Corp chat that I wanted to move back to Amarr space. BB PM's me and says I should stay tillt he war is over before moving out, so as to help. Except, I start to stay, and the next day, everyone is jsut pussyfooting around in HQ. I said fuck it and moved to Amarr anyways. And I'm out and about running missions making Iskies, while all those other newbs with only a single account is stuck in HQ.