Saturday, May 19, 2007

Enough Is Enough...

...and that's where I am now.

Last night, I did it. I just couldn't take it anymore. I clone jumped out of Korsiki to where I'd parked my Myrmidon in Gallente space and ran my first Level 3 mission in a while. I know, I know...but the reality is that there was absolutely nothing going on at HQ. As was suggested by one of the more experienced E-Uni members while I was watching chat last night, I kept an eye on Local even in high-sec and just ran the mission as I normally would. You know what? In the process of doing that, I think I've discovered MENTL's one weakness.

As potent as they are as individual pilots (and they certainly are), they're not a very large group. They simply can't be everywhere. I came to this theory while checking the killboard and realizing that all of their kills in this war have happened in or close to Korsiki. The fact that seems to be escaping some is that while meeting up with one or more of these guys is probably almost certain death for the vast majority of noobs or perhaps even just pilots flying solo, the chances of having one find you outside of the area close to E-Uni HQ is not very high at all. Note that I did not say impossible. Anything is possible, especially in this game. However, given that they only have about twenty pilots in their corp and given that all of their E-Uni kills have been in Korsiki except for one which was in nearby Olo, the chance of running into one of these fuckers outside of the systems local to Korsiki is, in my opinion, highly unlikely.

So, I did it...I took yet another risk and clone jumped back to Gallente space for mission running. It's where I currently am, but by the time I'm able to go in-game for any length of time today the twenty-four hour time limit will have expired and I'll be able to respond to a call for E-Uni pilots for PvP or other ops within minutes. I' m already a bit over a million ISK richer than I was before I did it, but there's also one other important factor that I'd like to offer in the form of a friendly reminder to any E-Uni leader types who may be reading this:

It was fun...a hell of a lot of fun, as a matter of fact. I got to shoot up some NPC's in my shiny new tech2-fitted Myrmidon, made myself some ISK, and didn't see a war target during the entire time I was doing it...and believe me, I was watching. I really wasn't doing it because I need the ISK, even though more money in the wallet never hurts, I was doing it because it was the first real fun I've had playing this game in the last two days.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy hanging with my fellow E-Uni peeps and watching the discussion in corp chat, now and then even throwing in my own two cents, but the reality is that if that's all it is, it does start to get old after a while. I think perhaps our E-Uni leadership needs to remember that, and that if and when EVE stops being fun that's when players are going to tend to start rebelling and just doing whatever they want, regardless of the risks involved.

I hate to be one of those people who says "Do as I say, not as I do.", but the reality is that some common sense is definitely called for here. I can do this kind of thing and get away with it because I have a jump clone set in Gallente space where I keep my Myrmidon and one at HQ in Korsiki. Trying to do this while having to actually fly the distance between the two points would definitely come under the heading of "asking for it" and therefore is not something I'd recommend. If you're a noob and reading this, consider it an illustration of why training Informorph Psychology and having jump clones available when you need them is a very, very, good thing to do, perhaps even while you're locked down in Korsiki.

For now, it's really not an issue. I have a full day ahead in RL, so I doubt I'll be doing more than just briefly jumping in-game to check for new EVE-mails until late today. At that point, I'll decide what my next move is.



Lucas said...

it's an interesting situation - because some EUNI students don't follow the Korsiki lockdown, it keeps Mental there due to the ripe targets. this in turn affords a level of safety to those students elsewhere. conversely, if everyone did follow the lockdown, Mental would be forced to look further for targets, thus spreading the "net of danger".

still, they would most likely not hunt very far beyond Korsiki - sadly they're counting on people braving the local area. i see they caught a mining barge in Korsiki. fairly foolish. strange how one's home system can be the most dangerous! it's nice being in 0.0 where you can deny your enemies docking rights.

Bekka Jae said...


You're totally right, of course. I spent two days in Korsiki watching chat and listening to TS on and off before I decided to jump to my Myrmidon. If I'd have had to fly it, there's no way I'd have ever done it.

Three things contributed to my decision:

1. I knew I was only going to have time for one mission last night before bed and then, by the time I was able to get back to EVE tonight, I'd be able to jump back to Korsiki within just a few minutes at most once I got the word that pilots were needed.

2. I knew that it was highly doubtful I'd encounter any war targets where I was going.

3. I knew I could get there and back in safety. What might happen in between is a different issue, but since it didn't involve any of the ships I'd use to defend E-UNI if and when that's needed, that part of of it wasn't really a factor, any more than it is anytime I take a ship out on a mission.

That's why as uncomfortable as I am to ask some to do something I'm not doing myself, I think that only those who have JC's properly set up and are prepared to accept the risks should be doing what I'm doing. No one should be giving these guys easy targets and by trying to fly their way out of Korsiki, that's exactly what they'd be doing.

There's definitely a certain hierarchy of ability as well as skill level in this game and I've now reached the "I know a little more than some but far less than others." stage in my development as a player.

It's starting to get even more interesting!

And hey, one of these days when we're both on again, let's find each and go ratting or something!


Robert said...

Yeah, I was in Nomaa moving ships from Nomaa to Safizon...Nomaa is 4 jumps from Korsiki...and i said so in game chat...and im took me 2 hours to move everything...and MTNL was online at the time...3 of them....

I agree...they have no more than 4 or 5 guys on at a tiem...they can't be everywhere....being 11 jumps from Korsiki 99.9999% chance I will enver get targetted..