Saturday, February 24, 2007


Yesterday was a tense and busy day, but today I got to really unwind and spent most of the day playing Eve and finishing about five missions. It's slow but steady going, and I'm doing pretty well. It's weird...except for "Blockade", I seem to plow through level two missions pretty easily for the most part. One thing I do need to remember to do is launch my drones. I'm seriously considering training up my Drone skill to level 5, but I'm just not sure I want to take a week of time when I could be training probably several other things to do it....not sure it's really worth it just to be able to put 5 instead of 4 drones in space at the same time. Hmmmmm...I'll have to give that some thought.

It's nice to see the wallet beginning to fatten again. :)

I've been giving some thought to what kind of corp I'd be interested in working for when the time comes, as it eventually will, for me to leave E-Uni. Today, someone from one pretty well-known corp told me that their corp HQ was moving to 0.0 but once they were settled they'll be looking for new pilots and to look them up when I was ready. I'm sure I'll do exactly that, but I'm also sure that they won't be the only corp I'll be looking into.

Several corps interest me, but none truly intrigues me as much as the Star Fraction. I find their political philosophy interesting, although I haven't really worked out how much of it I agree with yet. Their brand of cosmic anarchy is something that I'll admit does my aging punker heart good to see. They seem to piss off a lot of establishment types...kind of reminds me of my late teens and early twenties. Would I actually join Star Fraction? In all honesty, I don't know. I'm not yet skilled or proficient enough a fighter that it's a question I have to answer immediately. Still, when I saw news of SF thumbing their noses at the conservatives recently, I couldn't help smiling.

Well, whatever...right now, I've very happy in Eve-Uni...there's a lot I still need to learn, and the people there are terrific. They're not the only terrific people I've met in this game so far, though. Perhaps I'll talk about them a little next time.

For now, it's late...g'nite.


Lucas said...

i strongly recommend training drones V! the reason being it unlocks the skill drone interfacing, which boosts drone damage by 20% per level. i see you fly gallente, and gallente ships are mostly about blasters and drones.

get drones to V, interfacing to IV, hop in a Vexor, and you'll laugh at how your drones chew up enemies while you slowly train up gunnery and other support skills (i got 900k in drones, 2.1m in gunnery, and my drones are still my biggest damage output!)

Bekka Jae said...


Thanks, that's excellent advice and I'm going to do exactly that. A Vexor is actually cheaper than a Thorax so the next time I get my ship blown up on me (assuming I've gotten the training done ;)) I think I'll probably get one and try it.

Hmmmm...but would I have to change the name of the blog?