Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Change In Plan

I did end up going back to try to finish the Vylade mission last night. It's the "Blockade" mission, the one where nearby pirate gangs keep dropping in to join the other words, just as you start making headway, fifteen or twenty more ships show up. I must have made at least ten runs with my new Thorax, making headway each time, but never seeming to run out of NPCs, until finally, once again the need to sleep overwhelmed the need to finish the mission and it was time to bag it.

As I wrote in my last post, I'd intended to bail out of the mission if I wasn't able to finish it last night, but during my last few sorties into deadspace I realized that I was taking out more ships each time. Also, once I'd docked for the night and checked my wallet, I also realized that I'm making a fairly nice chunk of change doing it, so I decided that it's worth at least one more try.

I'm hoping things will be easier today...Eve seemed a little, well, funky, all day yesterday. Extreme lag, along with little weirdnesses such as my suddenly being unable to lock onto ships that are indicated as being well within my range, and ships I've already locked onto suddenly unlocking as if they've gone out of range. I strongly suspect that it's the distances indicated on the overview rather than the actual distances that are inaccurate because generally when this happens it seems that while I can't hit them, they can't hit me, either. Another funky little weirdness was that the counter on the front of the Eve client when you log in indicated that there were 25,600 players pretty much all night long. I can't wait for that damn patch next Tuesday, which I believe is supposed to fix this stuff...when this shit happens, it makes combat much harder and survival that much less likely.

I suppose that this, too, is a good thing. The more handicaps I have to deal with as I learn to become a better combat pilot, the stronger and more skilled I'll be when those handicaps are eliminated or lessened...but shit, six more days of this crap? Sigh...

It's ok...I'm not complaining too loudly. Every time this mission resets, I go in there and make myself another nice pile of ISK. Eventually, I think in a few days, if I don't actually finish the mission I'll have failed it, but considering how much I'm making in bounties, it's a risk worth taking.

I'll probably jump into the game in a little while, after I take care of a few RL responsibilities, and add a little more to the Myrmideon Fund.


Angus said...

ok, a couple of things about this mission:
1) every time you pop the biggest ship, the next wave appears.
2) You loosing lock is because they are using a module on you that decreases your lock range and max targets. (drones are REALLY nice here)
3) Grats on the isk!

Bekka Jae said...

Thank you, Angus! That makes a lot of sense, and I should have thought of it first! ;)