Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lag Blows

Really. What a pain in the ass! I was trying finish this stupid mission and the lag is so bad right now I barely escaped with my ship intact. Feh.

On the plus side, I'm getting better at anticipating it and having certain things ready to go or already running by the time they're needed. It doesn't eliminate the risk of untimely lag, but it does cut down on the damage a bit...usually. The way I figure it, I made my last attempt at about 8:45 (eastern US...my local time), so I'll give it a while, maybe an hour or two, and then I'll try again and see if it's gotten any better.

I've lost several ships to the lagmonster, but there's no need for me to lose one here. With a bit of careful setup and preplanning, I should be able to finish this mission tonight. If not, I'll take the standing hit and tell my agent to shove it. It's better than losing another ship.

It's funny how I'll take more risks as gain I more ISK, knowing that if something happens, the biggest expense I'll have in getting back to where I was will be time. Thing is, it rarely lasts. I was doing pretty well, about halfway to a Brutix or a third of the way to a Myrmidion, my currently most wanted battlecruiser. Then, I got my Thorax blown up...twice. Now, I've got my ship back, but just couple of million ISK, and now this stupid mission I can't seem to finish.

Grrr...I hate waiting.

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