Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Spaces In-Between

As artful a method of controlling player progress through time may be, there are times when it's just a complete and totally unnecessary pain in the ass. This is one of those times. There are certain missions I've drawn in this game that seem specifically created to take up as much time as possible. I'm doing one of those now.

In order to reach the actual combat area, I first have to warp to an area with a warp gate and then fly about 25km to get within the 2500m activation range. That's a few minutes at the 207/ms my Thorax manages. Once I do that, I'm warped into the first room of this mission, which I finished last night. Then, I need to cover another 50km or so to the next gate before getting to where the action is. Once there, I now have a new set of ships to deal with...since I did completely clear the first room and the wrecks timed out and vanished after a couple of hours, I'm hoping that I won't need to clear that room again today when I go in there. All in all, it takes probably around ten minutes or so just to reach the combat area right now, and I can only last in the kill zone just so long before I have to warp out and repair damage, so it's ten minutes, and then another ten minutes on the next run, and another...

I've already missed the time bonus reward on this one, but I'll get a quarter mil when I finish it. My mission here is to make it as far as a fleet of battleships and then warp's hoping they're in the next room.

I've already got a storyline mission lined up after this one, and it's one I've successfully done before with a Celestis. That one will likely be easy money once I've gotten this one done.

It's Sunday. No work, no errands to run, no social schedule, and it's cold outside. I think I'm gonna make myself a nice, steaming hot pot of coffee, and then go blow away some Amarr frigates.


Anonymous said...

If you wanna blow through those missions lemme know, Now my main, Davin Intaki, is in EUni space atm (until TGRADS decides to stake a claim in 0.0 again, which is soon I believe). But my alt is a Minmatar noob in Heimatar space, I think thats closer to you than Caldari space but not sure. His name is Drake Sebiestor.

Bekka Jae said...


Thanks for the offer! I may well take you up on that! It would be fun to do missions with another player!:)