Monday, February 19, 2007

Ok, Here We Go...

In a little while, I'll be running Eve and beginning the process of getting back to where I was and what I was doing before I had my Thorax unceremoniously blown out from under me. Really, it's not as big a deal as it was the time before last, when I had to go back to using a destroyer and running lower-quality level 2 missions to put together enough ISK to afford to replace my last ship with another cruiser. Five days of that shit....that'll teach me to try to get cute and take out just one more ship before warping out.

This time the chief culprit was my own stupidity, ably aided and abetted by some significant server lag. I've been numbering my ships since I started playing this game and my next ship, which will be another Thorax, will be christened Blackheart XX.

I've been steadily losing ships at a rate averaging out to about one every couple of days, and I suppose this is to be expected. Still, it seems that I'm getting better at keeping my ships from destruction as time goes on, and I'm learning more and more about how best to take out the enemies I'm encountering. Every time I'm forced to rebuild my ship I end up putting it back together a little bit stronger than the time before.

In a way, it's kind of a good thing. Unlike in some games, I can't just jump back into the fray at a moment's notice. First, I have to buy my ship and all the components and ammunition it needs. Then, I have to fly all over the region, collect all the things I've just bought, and take them to where my new ship is waiting. After that, I put it all together and fly my new ship back to the scene of my last destruction. Sometimes, I can get it all done and be going back after the bad guys in an hour or two...sometimes, it takes a lot longer.

Once it's all done, I fly back to the site of my ship's demise and take out what's still waiting for me. This stupid mission has already cost me one's not going to cost me another.

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