Thursday, February 22, 2007


Another one...fucking space dust.

This makes the third Thorax I've lost since I've been flying them. Better, I suppose, than the seven or eight Celestis' I lost before I figured out that they're shit for flying missions above low-end second level. I've got a pretty good fitting worked out for the Thorax that seems to pretty easily plow through just about everything in second level missions...except for one stupid mission, that damn "Blockade".

Needless to say, the first thing I did when I docked was tell my agent where to put this stupid mission. Then, I set about putting yet another Thorax together. I'll put the finishing touches on it later, and I've got just about enough to ISK pull it off.

I'm already well under a million ISK right now and by the time I'm done, I'll be lucky if I still have a half a mil left. Insurance? Forget it...if I'm lucky, maybe I'll be able to afford one of the middle grades until I can get a few missions done and have some more ISK to play with.

Funny thing is, I am pissed off, but I'm not angry. What's the difference? I'm pissed off, in other words extremely annoyed, that I've lost yet another ship, in large part due to lag. At the same time, however, I knew I was taking a risk when I did it and I did it anyway, so can I really completely blame lag? Maybe, maybe not...either way, the Myrmidon Fund starts from scratch again...sigh.

If I do ok and complete several missions, I'll have myself a little nestegg again...if I get my ship shot out from under me again before that happens, I'm in deep shit...I'll be back to flying a destroyer for another week or two, again.

I really should train up my mining skills, but I really hate mining and thus far have successfully avoided having to do any since the tutorial. That's not a streak I really want to break, to be honest.

Tonight, I'm busy until around 11, so maybe then I'll see what I've got when I put it all together and hopefully take her out for a spin.

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