Friday, March 2, 2007


Yeah, I'm still making a pile on those level two missions, inching ever closer to that Myrmidon price tag...

I played some yesterday, but it was also a very big day for me RL careerwise. It was just officially announced that a new online media venture I'm a part of is getting ready to launch in about a week and a half. It's going to mean that I'm finally going to be taking something I've been doing as an amateur for about five years and beginning to do it professionally. This is a classic "big break" situation, and of course I'm very excited. This announcement also means that my workload will be increasing significantly in the very near future, and as it does, I'll likely have at least a little less time for Eve, at least for a while, until the newness wears off and everyone involved finds their own niche in doing their part to make this thing work. Very exciting, but also quite irrelevant to playing Eve other than its demands on my free time, so let's move on.

I pulled in something in the neighborhood of 2.5 million ISK yesterday running missions, and if I'd forced myself to stay awake another half hour I probably could have upped that by close to another mil, but sleep once again overwhelmed greed, so I'll finish what I was doing when I log in later, but I know I've missed the time bonus. Oh well...better than pushing it too far and dozing off at an inopportune moment.

I know I shouldn't jinx it by saying anything, but I haven't lost a ship in a while....not since I started using armor hardeners the way the BoB guys showed me. I've come fairly close a few times, but never so close that I didn't have the time to warp out safely. Part of it is the armor hardeners, and part of it is also that I'm improving in terms of keeping everything moving along...maneuvering, targeting ships, launching drones (I still forget sometimes, but I'm getting better), keeping the right modules active, all that stuff...and so I'm getting through these Level 2 missions more and more quickly.

Also, by the time I finally get my Myrmidon and have her fitted out and ready to fly, I'll have plenty of Level 3 agents at all levels available to me. I trained up my social skills a while ago, so certain corps that I have a high standing with are already offering me high-level Level 3 agents...needless to say, right now I just put them in People and Places and move on. Considering how much trouble I had with a mission from a -17 Level 3 agent, I'm guessing that taking on one from a +16 probably wouldn't be the smartest move while I'm still flying a it a hunch. ;)

The next few weeks will be interesting ones for me, both in and out of Eve. Funny how it seems like just as I'm heading toward entering a new level of play in this game, I'm also entering a new level in my RL career. Of course, certain aspects just don't compare. I've been playing Eve for all of two months, but I've been working toward this RL career move for about five years.

It's also interesting how both this career move and my progress in Eve seem to call up the same emotions within me, like that the anxious nervousness of not knowing what's around the next corner but desperately wanting to find out or the determination to succeed. It seems that Eve's corollaries to real life don't end at just the obvious, what you have to actually do in order to succeed, but also include, for me at least, how it makes you feel doing it.

Of course, there's the big difference, the one that truly matters above all others: One is a game, the other is reality. Still, both cause the mind to fly toward the future, to a place where all the hard work begins to pay off, a place where new opportunities and new adventures beckon. It's a place I've been heading towards for a while, a place which now doesn't seem quite as far away as it used to.

Ok, clearly I'm having difficulty separating my musings on Eve from my musings on RL events right now, so I'm just going to bag it for today, probably get some play time in later, and try posting again tomorrow or the day after.

In some ways, this game can be just a little too realistic...

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Lucas said...

good to hear you're cracking on with those missions. just a quick comment - the quality of an agent doesn't affect difficulty, only the rewards you get from completing it (isk/items/lp).