Friday, March 30, 2007

Back In The Saddle...Again!

I've pretty much spent the better part of the day in-game today...and damn, did I need it!

I've suddenly started to get some missions I've never seen before. The last one involved a force field that need to be taken down in order to reach the loot needed to complete the mission. This actually required some thinking through and strategy, though it wasn't especially difficult to figure out. I have to admit I liked the new missions. They were not impossible to complete, but fun and fairly lucrative...I've racked up about 4.5 mil ISK today...not bad for a few hours.

So, I guess I'm starting to see the Revelations 1.4 changes...and so far, I like. Right now, I need a high-interest diversion from RL and Eve has been exactly what I've needed. To be honest though, just sitting here writing about it is making me think about stuff that annoys me again so I'm going to go blow some more shit up now.

Til next time....

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