Sunday, March 11, 2007

Just a Girl and Her...Myrmidon?

I be honest, I'm still deciding.

Not about the Myrmidon itself, mind you. I've got it about 90% fitted enough the way I want it, enough to try taking on a level 3 mission and seeing how it goes. The components I had in the Thorax filled out the Myrmidon nicely for the most part. I had to buy a few things like a medium armor repper and a couple more guns, but I had the whole thing fitted to the point where I was comfortable taking it out of dock while spending only about a million or so ISK to do it.

Of course, then I had to insure the thing. I took the best I could afford, the Standard level insurance. It only pays 60% (24m ISK), but since I don't have a spare 20 mil lying around for the Platinum level insurance and I don't plan on doing level 2 missions in the Thorax for another two weeks to get it, it'll have to do. I probably shouldn't jinx it, but I haven't had a ship blown up on me in a couple of weeks now, so I'm hoping the streak continues at least until I can do some level 3 missions and bank some more ISK.

So, the Myrmidon is now spaceworthy, and, presumably, missionworthy, even if there are a few tweaks I'd like to make once I have a bit more ISK to play with. Of course, at this point the missionworthy status is total supposition on my part...I spent a few hours flying it around Gallente space tonight acquiring a few things I needed, but I still haven't fired a single shot in combat with this ship yet.

And yet, I still have that most challenging of all Eve-related conundrums to answer: Should I change the name of this blog to fit what I'm flying now?

I've actually been giving this a lot of thought. I'm a writer (gee, could ya tell?) and to my writer's sensibility, "A Girl and Her Myrmidon" just doesn't seem to roll off the tongue (or the keyboard) the way "A Girl and Her Thorax" does. I dunno, maybe it's the extra syllable but it just seems "off" to me, if you know what I mean.

Of course, this is purely about aesthetics and has no bearing on what I write here or on my gameplay whatsoever, so I'm going to toss the question out to you.

Should I:

A. Change the name of the blog to fit the new ship and each successive new model ship I fly as I put them in space.

B. Change the name of the blog to fit the new ship this time, but reconsider the question each time I upgrade my ship.

C. Keep it "Just a Girl and Her Thorax" in perpetuity.

D. Another option I haven't thought of yet (please specify).

Please post your thoughts in the comments...thanks!

Right now, it's 7am eastern time, the beginning of the daily Eve downtime. The stress of preparing for this new position has been fucking with my sleep patterns, and so I find myself at the computer, as awake as ever, with a cup of hot coffee at my side after a sleepless night...and
I can't even load up Eve to jump in and play when it's still early enough that the phone won't start ringing for at least a few hours (lucky me, I'm in New Jersey, but the network's main studio and my boss are in LA...I generally don't have to start fielding calls and dealing with work-related issues directly until at least noon my time). Yes, there's a reason why after sparse and fairly short posts for the last few days you're suddenly getting this monstrosity.

So, perhaps in exactly fifty more minutes as I write this, I'll go do some more cruising in my new toy...and maybe break in that new fitting on some level 3 NPC's...


Anonymous said...

You're probably long past the Myrmidon now.... but if I had read this post back when you posted it, my recommendation would be to change the name of your Myrmidon to 'Thorax'.

Anonymous said...

Or a girl and her Myrm...

Brachra said...

Just name ur myrmidon "thorax"