Thursday, November 19, 2009

Of The Future

As I run missions and wait for Hull Upgrades V to finish (a little less than two and half days left to go as I write this), I've been giving a lot of thought to what I want to do afterward. I do have some ideas in that regard and I'll begin exploring them in earnest.

I'm being intentionally obtuse about this for a few reasons. Right now I'm in what I call the "quiet research" phase. I google corps, I poke around on their websites, I see if I can find anything about them elsewhere about what they do and the kind of corp they are. Later, once I have a good idea of what I'm working with, I'll enter the "make a list" phase where I decide which of the corps I find most attractive really fit my style well. Then once I have that it's time to get serious about comparing pound for pound in terms of what's in my best interest in realizing my goals in the game.

It's definitely a tougher choice than I first imagined it would be. Since I went directly from an NPC corp to Eve University and then to Stonewall Interstellar, I don't really have much experience in changing corps or in looking for a new one. I totally lucked out on the first try with E-Uni, as well as with SI so this process isn't one I really have a lot of experience in.

I may do something completely unexpected...even by me. We'll see.


Josh said...

Hey Bekka been following your blog since you came back. Nice job and happy to have another player come back to EVE. If your still looking for a corp once you read this please contact me in game on my char Vralen or Calen Delnor. I would like to talk with you about what we do maybe your interested maybe not, but its another option to consider.

Bekka Jae said...

Thanks Josh I'll definitely keep that in mind! :)