Monday, November 9, 2009

Movin' On Up

 Last night, the same player who gave me the 50 million ISK donation met me in-game and gave me me not only the best Myrmidon fit I've ever used, but all the parts I needed for it.

My Myrmidon is now literally unstoppable, at least when doing Level 3 missions. The fit is perma-run and the cap never sinks much below 1/2 charge even when I have everything running. My biggest problem is making sure I have enough ammo to get the mission done. After one of the first missions I did with the Myrm there were a lot of ships to kill and I took them all out in one go-round, just barely. I left that deadspace area with exactly 11 rounds of ammo left.

It's unquestionably the most effective fit I've ever tried on any ship I've flown as far as tanking goes. Probably also close to the most destructive (though I did fly a Dommie for a bit a couple of years ago).

I'm not done yet, either. I'm in the process of training up a few relevant skills and then I'll be able to upgrade the fit with some spiffy t2. So now all of a sudden I'm actually starting to make a little ISK. This, of course, is a very good thing.

So now, what I've been doing is going to Level 3 agents at corps I have high standings in, doing a few missions and then moving on to another one with a somewhat higher ranking. So far, I've had no problems at all other than the loss of a few cheap drones. I have a busy RL day tomorrow, so I got my ship to the next agent I plan to do missions for and then logged out. This one is middle-ranked and if I do well with him tomorrow night 'll try one a little higher.

Damn, I'm having a shitload of fun with this game right now. I can't wait to try the next round.

Myrmidon FTW!


Cyberin said...

Mind sharing the fit? I also use a Myrm for level 3s...but I do it the lazy...massive tank/afk way. I have a full passive shield tank on my Myrm that tanks over 800dps of omni damage...then I get aggro with 1 gun, and let loose the hammerhead IIs...simple and sweet.

Bekka Jae said...

I want to check with my benefactor first to see if he minds me sharing his fit here. I know some may see that as kinda anal, but as a writer I feel strongly about publicly presenting the work of others w/o their permission. I'd like to be asked if it were my creation, so I make it a policy to do so when it's about the work of others being presented here.

That said, I don't expect there to be an issue, and I hopefully should be able to post it soon.