Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Thorax Flies Again

Sometimes, I think I’m too damned creative for my own good.

Tonight, I was scanning down a radar site that was a little tougher than than most so I thought it would help if I added a couple of extra probes to the five I already had out there. It helped a little at first, but the reality was that it made it a lot harder to keep the rest of the probes aligned. After a while, I got rid of the two extras and went back to a five-probe scan pattern. Once I did that I was able to scan it down in just a couple of tries. There are times when simpler really is better.

Before I found this little three million ISK treasure trove, though, I’d done another run through my assets and discovered that I own not one, but three Thoraxes. Since two of them are out in 0.0 where I’ll almost certainly never see them again, I decided to go get the one I had in high-sec, just a quick thirteen jumps from where I was.

I flew the Magnate out there, stripped it down, threw the parts in the Thorax’s cargo hold and headed back to where I’ve been exploring. Once back at my current staging station, I refitted one of the Thorax’s high slots with my Core Probe Launcher I, stuck a Codebreaker I in one of the mid slots, loaded up with ammo and probes, and off I went.

Once I’d successfully scanned down the radar site, I flew the Thorax in, took out the few guards there, and hacked and looted the containers and wrecks, all without having to go back and get the Myrm to finish the job. I like.

Hell of a way to make a living, but a lot easier than running missions, that’s for sure.


Darek Castigatus said...

Hi there, just found your blog and read the archives and had a few things to mention.

First off congrats on getting back on your feet so fast, might be worth checking with the alliance that owns the 0.0 station to see if you could make a deal to get your stuff out or just find someone to sell it to.

Secondly now that you're a free agent again have you considered trying out piracy? I saw the debate on piracy you had back in one of you old entries and thought maybe you might consider giving it a try to get the 'other' perspective as it were.

Anyway our website is at or if you prefer face to face you can speak to Nefarrion or Rameus Luxmaar in game.

Best of luck anway :)

Bekka Jae said...

Hi Darek and welcome! About piracy, don't think the thought hasn't crossed my mind. There are a lot of aspects of this game which interest me but I haven't tried yet, and piracy is one of them.

Right now though, I'm still learning and becoming proficient in exploration and I think I want to continue with that for a while. That said, who knows what the future might hold? In this game, there are always alternatives.