Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gettin’ Experienced…

…but slowly, so very, very, slowly.

It may be just that it’s been a busy Saturday on TQ. Today it seemed especially hard to track down cosmic signatures, though I did run across and scan down my first magnometric signature. Big frakking deal. A few thousand worth of salvage for all the time it took to scan it down. Feh.

I’ve never been especially big on mining, so when I’ve scanned down a signature far enough to discover it’s gravimetric I give up on it and move on. At the same time, though, I know there’s a lot of ISK to be made at those sites so I’m reconsidering that. I dunno…I know there’s ISK to be made there, but boredom is also a factor.

Right now, I’m just playing “High-Sec Hit and Miss”, which is to say that basically I’m just picking a direction toward systems I’ve never been to or haven’t been to in a while and heading out to see what I can find. Most of the time this method seems to work pretty well and I find at least enough stuff to keep me interested and engaged, with a decent payout at the end. Today, not so much, but it’s really the first time since I came back to EVE and started exploring that I haven’t been happy with my daily take.

Another thing I ran into for the first time today was a signature that didn’t indicate a type once I’d scanned it down to 100%. Following this led me to an acceleration gate that sent me to a second room with a few enemies and another gate. I took out the enemies, gathered the few paltry items from the wrecks, then hit the next gate. This room had several more enemies, and during the battle I was notified that three Guristas had fled but my ship’s computer had determined their most likely hiding spot in case I wanted to go chase them. After I’d dealt with the room, I attempted to pursue, but was notified that natural phenomena prevented me from warping there. Interestingly, this did not prevent me from warping elsewhere. Quite bizarre, and not really worth the time and effort invested. Oh well.

So, I think I’m gonna go check out another system or two or three or…before bed.

Til next time, fly safe.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like you has an escalation on that last combat site - did you check your journal for expeditions?

Bekka Jae said...

Expeditions? Clearly I still have a lot to learn. I've been trying to read up as much as I can but that one seems to have slipped by me.

When I got the notice, I checked my scanner and it indicated that there was a Gurista hideout, but when I tried to warp there from the indication on the scanner I got the notice that I couldn't warp there, so I gave up and moved on.

Well, I guess I know what the first thing I have to check is when I log in in a little while.

Anonymous said...

Hope u found the escalation in time you only get 24hrs to do them. I just got one myself but it's in hostile 0.0 space :-(

Bekka Jae said...

Actually I did make it in time but something weird happened. Check out my next post for details.