Thursday, December 3, 2009

Return To PC Hell

I don't freaking believe it.

Not 24 hours after Dominion is live, I pop in-game for a little while to check it out and take a look then I have to log out and deal with RL. I'm too busy to able to log in for the rest of the day. Yesterday, it's raining lightly here in Jersey, but then, the power flickers and comes back...except for my PC, which is now dead as a doornail..

Yeah, here we go again.

I looked through all my manuals and stuff, but nothing there helps. I open up the side, look in, but I neither see nor smell any evidence that anything's actually burned out. I've now reached the limit of my expertise in dealing with PC electrical issues (assuming that this in fact is what this is).

It looks like there's another trip to the Geek Squad in my immediate future, and until this is fixed there's no EvE for me.

Any ideas for a possible fix or stuff to look for, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

Just a thought on your PC/power issue. If you have tried plugging other appliances into the same socket, and the PC does not work but other appliances do - it sounds as if there's a problem in the powersupply. This is just a guess though - hopefully it's not more. Best of luck to you with your PC and your time in Eve. Take care.