Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Piss. Me. Off.

Oh, I am SO not a happy camper right now.

Usually, when I lose a ship I blame myself because generally I'm responsible. This time, some extraordinarily badly-timed lag slowed my frame-rate down to virtually non-existent, just enough to watch my Dommie's armor and structure disappear in about four or five frames over about twenty seconds or so. Not damn thing I could do but just sit there and watch about eighty million worth of ship and fittings go boom.

I hadn't even taken it on a Level 4 mission yet. I was finishing up the Level 3 mission I'd lost my Myrmidon on before I went on to Level 4's. Sure, I got the insurance payoff, but it doesn't even begin to cover what I had invested here. The worst part is that I'd only had the thing a day, and I'd spent most of yesterday figuring out a fitting for it with the Eve Fitting Tool. Ah well, at least I still have the fitting I worked out for it.

One of the biggest pains in the butt about losing a ship for me has always been trying to recreate my setup from memory because inevitably I'll have been too lazy to actually write it down. EFT keeps track of it for me, has an interface that's much easier to understand and work with than QuickFit, and does pretty much everything I need and want it to do for me when I'm trying to figure out how to fit or refit a ship.

If I'm lucky, I'll basically wipe myself out financially in order to replace the Dommie, but I'm going to do it because I'm sick and tired of flying Level 3's. If it ends up that I need more ISK than I currently have (a very likely possibility) I'll fly the Thorax until I get what I need that way or get some help. It would cost far too much to set up a Myrmidon and use that and I already have the Thorax fully insured and fit. Yeah, it would probably take a while, but it's better than setting myself back probably 2/3 of the way by buying a new Myrm and putting it in space.

Ah well...such is EvE.



Trigger64 said...

May I inquire as to what the fitting was?

jdok said...

try petitioning it maybe?

Michael said...

You were running missions during wartime? Grrrrrrrrrr. As long as you're far far away from HQ.

Sorry to hear you lost your domi though.


Bekka Jae said...


Here's what I had fitted ont eh Dommie:

5x 350mm Scout Accelerator Cannon

100mn AB

Parallel Weapon Navigation Transmitter (Target Painter)

Med. Cap Booster II

Omnidirectional Tracking Link

Drone Nav Computer I

Nanofiber Internal Structure I

Radioisotope Armor Hardeners - Explosive, EM, Thermic

N-Type Armor Hardener - Kinetic

Drone Link Augmentor


I thought about it, but everything I've read indicates that ship losses because of lag issues aren't petitionable so I decided not to bother.


I actually left the Uni several days ago to found a new corp, Stonewall Interstellar, with a friend, so I'm not being bad. At the same time though, please know I'm always available to help the Uni wherever you need more pilots to help hold the line during wartime or in whatever way I can assist. You folks gave me a lot, and I hope you'll include me whenever you send out a call. It will be both my honor and pleasure to help the Uni whenever and however I can.

Besides, I'll always eagerly take advantage of any excuse to fly with you, dude! :)


scout said...

SB better doesn't find out what I was doing during the war ;).

Garr Anders

matar space