Monday, July 2, 2007

Taking A Day In... least one now and then.

I spent several hours in-game Monday, making a little ISK but mainly doing upgrades on my Myrmidon and relearning a critical lesson for any Eve player: Assume nothing, because if you do it will come back to bite you in the ass sooner or later. I never installed a warp stabilizer, assuming that I wouldn't have to deal with warp scrambling on missions until I started Level 4 missions...wrongo.

I get out there and I do good damage with my nifty new tech 2 guns until my cap starts getting low and I decide it's time to bail and recharge. I call back my drones and hit the button to warp out...and then I discover I'm being warp scrambled. Nowhere to go, my drones already back the bay, I send them back out and do as much damage as I can as I keep trying to unsuccessfully warp out.

I'm sure you've figured out the end of this story by now. Yep, not pass into warp, do not collect several hundred thousand ISK, kiss several nice pieces of tech 2 gunnery buh-bye. Fuck.

Replacing and insuring the Myrmidon wasn't a huge problem, but fitting it is proving another story. While I've had some luck in having some useful stuff literally just conveniently laying around, there are some gaps in my inventory and not a lot of ISK left over to fill them.

Needless to say, I've now installed a warp stabilizer and eventually I'll find the time to try to do at least a passable fitting to get through some missions and fatten up the wallet some.

Sometimes in this game, the simplest rules are the most important ones.


Aley said...

sounds like a harsh lesson learned. perhaps you should post your setup or maybe catch me in game and show me your setup that i may see what you're working with. Overall fitting a WCS is a really crippling choice especially in mission due to their massive penalties so i'm a strong advocate against their uses. Seems like you didnt know exactly which NPC was scrambling - Always a frigate and its always the "inty" versions (for angels they're the Arch Gistiis tho i don't recall off -hand what the serpentis [i assume thats who you were up against] is called.) - Perhaps you should try a Dominix for lvl 4 missions. Its slightly more expansive than the myrm (80m vs 60m assuming an average fitting cost and insurance) but it might be easier on the wallet as you're less likely to lose the domi in mission.
I've assumed much in my reply but eh - c'est la vie. Good luck in the future and ttyl.

Rick said...

Hello. I just stumbled across your blog, which I found on Crazykinux's blogroll. Seems we're in the same corp :) I joined last fall, but took a break when the WoW expansion came out. I got bored again and returned to Eve about a month ago.

I'm glad you mentioned warp scramblers in level 3 missions. I also assumed we wouldn't see those until level 4. Luckily, I'm still working level 2 missions (I've changed the corp I'm working for like 4 times), so I didn't learn the hard way.

If you can take any solace in the loss of a ship, perhaps it can be from warning other people like me who probably would have had the same end to our story.

I do need to find out which ships scramble, and I appreciate Aley's advice. I'll be searching the Eve-O forums, or the corp forums, and if I find the answer, I'll try to stop by and post it here too.

Fly safe, well met.

Pang Grohl said...
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Pang Grohl said...

Hmm... check your combat logs, they should name the culprit. They are located in your EVE folder, now in My Documents.

Also, I find that WCS are not a good solution for this problem. There are often multiple ships capbable of scrambling you, making a singular WCS a wasted low slot. The best way I've found to deal with scrambling frigates is good intel on the mission and faction you're facing off against.

Grismar's EVE Wiki has a searchable database of NPCs, along with a cornucopia of other exceptionally handy tools.

Good luck.